[VIDEO] Visiting Paris in the 1920′s


People always talk about the magic of Paris. I agree that it does have a certain mystical feeling, but the truth is that what makes it really intriguing are the lingering reminders of its past. I feel lucky that I’m still here, writing this from a gigantic, typically overstated Paris apartment, constantly thinking back to what life would have been like in this city even just one hundred years ago.

Visit a few of the major tourist attractions here, or the famed boulevards, cafes and nightlife hotspots, and you’ll quickly start to recognize them in any video tour of the city. I came across this travelogue made in the jazz age, which allows viewers to gaze upon some of the best sights in the City of Lights. Keep your eyes open for great displays of fashion savvy, cafe culture and some occasional sly commentary from the makers.

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