[VIDEO] Playa Montesinos: La Capital’s Hidden Gem


We Americans work too hard. I read something online recently about work-life balance, and I got a little depressed when I found out how many vacation days workers in other countries get. Germans get something like four weeks of paid vacation. Boo.

But then I remembered: I’m in the Dominican Republic. Yes, I’m working, and working very hard, just like I would if I were back in the States, but I’m here, in this lush paradise, and I need to take advantage of it.

And with that, I slipped on my sandals, packed my camera, massaged a little sunscreen on my nose, and hit the streets of Santo Domingo.

It’s not uncommon for me to walk or jog along the Malecón after work, but I needed something new. And just earlier in the day, refusing to believe that there aren’t any beaches in the city, I stumbled across “Playa Montesinos” during an impulsive, beach-obsessed Google session.

Jackpot. The photos were promising. Now, I just needed to get out and see it for myself. Check out some of the scenery I encountered along the way, as well as a snapshot of my mini-vacay at the beachside bar close to Playa Montesinos. And if you want to get a load of the sights and sounds of the neighborhood, scroll down to watch my short video commemorating my newfound determination to find that elusive work-life balance.

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