SweetArt Cafe in St. Louis, Missouri

Sweet Art St. Louis

If you’re doing a bicycle tour in an unfamiliar city—especially one like St. Louis, whose lengthy, subtle hills will make your quads hard as rock—keep the following in mind: you will get hungry. Really hungry. 

After biking the city streets, boulevards, and parks of St. Louis (while carrying all my travel items on my back), I myself had worked up quite an appetite. I had the perfect place in mind and my trusty smartphone in hand to lead the way straight to SweetArt Cafe.

A Gem in the Shaw Neighborhood

This area favorite boasts quality veggie-friendly fare made from scratch, inspired by the comfort food we all grew up eating and loving. It’s located in the Shaw neighborhood, not far from other unique St. Louis draws like the Missouri Botanic Gardens and the historic row houses and famed nightlife of the Soulard.

When I arrived, though, it was obvious I wasn’t the only hungry herbivore in this Gateway to the West – there was already a line from the register practically to the door. But that gave me the chance to carefully examine their menu full of tasty, healthy ingredients, and to drool over their wide assortment of baked goods.

Longs Lines, Great Choices

For my lunch I chose the Sweet Burger, a house-made, vegan, nut-free creation that came topped with mixed greens, tomatoes, vegan magic spread and ketchup, all stacked within a hearty multigrain bun. The menu includes a variety of sandwiches and salads, all made with delicious, whole ingredients.

Naturally, I scoped out the desserts when I made my lunch selection. Their irresistible assortment includes indulgences like the Fauxtess (their take on the Hostess cupcake), Southern Red Velvet and Tallulah Strawberry cupcakes, as well as other baked goods like cookies, pies and tarts. Super bonus: the café offers two vegan and one gluten-free cupcake option every day. Rad.

Culinary offerings aside, the prices at SweetArt offer a reason to dine there on a regular basis—most menu items are priced between $6 and $9. Throw in a drink and dessert and you’re still under the $15 mark. A trip to this fun, sunny spot is worth it, whether you get there by bike, by car or on foot.

What I recommend at SweetArt:


The Sweet Burger, $6.50
A house-made, nut-free creation topped with mixed greens, tomato, vegan magic spread and ketchup. Comes with fruit or potato chips.


Cupcakes, $2.75, or $1.10 for a mini cupcake
Fauxstess, Southern Red Velvet, Sweet Potato Pie, Tallulah Strawberry

SweetArt Cafe
2203 S. 39th Street
St. Louis, MO 63110

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