Danada House: Wedding in Wheaton, IL

Danada House in Wheaton

I’m at the age where everyone I know is either married or getting married. Now, there are exceptions, but for the most part, I’ve been to or at least have a “save the date” for the holy matrimonies for nearly of all the eligible individuals of what is now considered “marrying age” in my roster of close companions.

Some people dread the seemingly never-ending wedding season, but I take a lot of joy in sharing the “special days” of friends and family. And I don’t mind sharing in their loads of delicious food and booze either.

I rejoice in the bliss of my newlywed friends wholeheartedly, without jealousy, because I really am happy for and inspired by those who are in love, and I’m sure it will happen to me one day too, right? (Miles, can you hit me with “Someday My Prince Will Come”?)

Danada House

Back in May, I was lucky enough to be invited to a wedding of my friend, whom I met through the Association for Women Journalists. Known for her spot-on taste in pretty much everything, my friend chose her venue wisely—Danada House, built in 1939 as the home of commodity trader Daniel F. Rice and his wife Ada. Now part of the Forest Preserve in DuPage County, the building and its gardens are a stunning and simple backdrop for a summer wedding. Its open spaces and tranquil vibe are a nice break from the compactness of the city, and it’s only about an hour’s drive away.

Late May in Chicago can be iffy weather-wise, but this year, even after a winter of polar vortices, Memorial Day weekend was absolutely perfect. Following a short outdoor ceremony among the greenery, the guests chatted and milled around the property and grounds, sipping beer and wine, serenaded by a mariachi band. I took the chance to walk around and snap a few shots of the grounds, which were amazingly lush considering that the cruel winter seems like it was just yesterday.

Later, we all headed inside for the reception, where we danced, and drank, and ate…and danced some more, until only the most ridiculous people (myself included) were left standing.

Here’s to weddings, love, friends, ceremonies…all that good stuff.



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