Buckingham Fountain: An Explosive Saturday


Saturday is Calling

Funny how you can wake up on a Saturday with plans to do nothing and then, maybe only an hour later, find yourself in front of Buckingham Fountain as it spews water high into the gray sky. It’s quite an exciting scene—especially for an unexpected scene. It kind of encapsulates my feelings about Chicago—when you’re in the middle of it, you’re surprised by its energy—a gust of power that it seems the world doesn’t always take note of.

Buckingham Fountain in Chicago

Go on — Get out of the house!

Most weekends, I like to indulge in a little physical laziness coupled with intellectual freedom and curiosity (So…yeah. Browsing the net in my jammies.) So when my sis suggested we go downtown, I had to do a little inner debating. Jammies and coffee or transit and traffic? I would have gone with the former, but the bike ride temptation was too strong. I’ll use any excuse to get on my bike and go somewhere, even if it means I don’t have time to shower and I’ll miss whatever hot news broke in Facebook while I was gallivanting around town.

Buckingham Fountain Lake Shore Chicago
Turns out the rest of the city had decided to forgo the comfort of home and risk exposure to sun, humidity, and the possibility of rain, all dangers associated with spring/early summer in Chicago. It may take some convincing to get me out of the house, but once I’m out, I’m all the way out, and I never want to go back home.

Buckingham Fountain Chicago Michigan Ave

Had my sister not convinced me to grab my helmet and lock and get going, I would have missed the chance to see the enchanting lakefront scene and Buckingham Fountain in full “bloom,” something I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never experienced up front. Here’s to turning your back on routine and discovering what treasures are in your own backyard.

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