Me in Alaska


My name is Theresa. I love to explore. I love to tell stories. This blog is my attempt to share my explorations through stories that help me remember them.

I made a lifetime commitment to travel after my first major exploration: a 10-day trip to Hawaii when I was 17. Since then, I’ve been escaping to pretty much any destination any chance I have, whether it’s an exotic island in the Caribbean or a campsite an hour away.

Livin’ the Dream

After finishing a six-month travel adventure with my sister, which took us to the Dominican Republic, Canada, Belgium, Spain and France, the two of us are back where we started, in Santo Domingo. We bought one-ways tickets here and are just enjoying our time here until we decide to move on to the next adventure.

I’m a fan of unique spaces, unexpected opportunities and chance meetings—all things that a traveler will find if he or she remains open-minded. The best part of any trip is the part you didn’t plan.

Interests: Ethnic enclaves, vegetarian restaurants, alternative lodging, World Englishes, nightlife, beer, wine

Best thing about travel: Making new friends, developing new tastes, the ability to be in the moment

Worst thing about travel: Hotel shampoo, layovers, bus rides, forgetting a razor

Favorite trips so far: Aruba, Puerto Rico, Japan, Los Angeles, St. Louis, New York, Alaska, New Orleans

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